Future of Planet Earth

James has long been active as a writer and commentator on environmental and other issues affecting our future as citizens of planet Earth – topics now central to corporate governance and business sustainability. His pioneering book High Tech Holocaust, published in 1987, charted the increasing toxicity of our human habitat. It was published in separate editions in the UK, US, Australia / New Zealand and Japan.

He has also written, hosted and narrated many TV programmes on the environment, including several years as presenter of Eco for ITV and Go for Green for British Satellite Broadcasting. His narration of the TV documentary Chernobyl was awarded two major prizes at the Monte Carlo International TV Festival. The twelve-part series War and Peace in The Nuclear Age, which he scripted and narrated, was critically acclaimed: ‘television equivalent of a nuclear explosion’ – New York Times; ‘superb … outstanding’ – Financial Times. James also had a long involvement with the Television Trust for the Environment and its long-running TV series Earth Report and Hands On.

He was recently commissioned by the International Institute for Environment and Development [IIED] to research and write an Opinion on the land rights of pastoral Maasai communities in Tanzania.

James has a strong interest in the implications for the 21st century leadership agenda of the debate on global climate change, sustainable business practices and the carbon footprint impact of corporate activities. As a futurist he works to explore the social, political and economic dimensions of building a post-carbon economy.

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