Dr James Bellini

Leading British Futurologist


Dr James Bellini – ‘historian of the future’ – is a thought-provoking speaker and moderator and a regular choice at top-level management conferences and business schools on every continent.

A graduate of Cambridge with a PhD from the London School of Economics and a respected TV broadcaster, he brings a strong focus on technological, economic and social trends shaping the world of tomorrow up to Horizon 2030 and beyond.

Dr James Bellini: Executive Coach

In this age of accelerating change, driven by the relentless dynamic of innovative technologies and the increasingly unpredictable context of daily life, you face an unprecedented mix of challenges and choices. Whether it is to develop your existing skills, realise your potential and succeed in your current professional arena, or chart a totally new way forward in a different field of endeavour, the help of a professional executive coach in clarifying your aims and agreeing a realistic plan with measurable goals can make a fundamental difference.

Whether you choose to focus on enhancing your present executive capabilities or strike out in a totally new direction, the role of the coach is not to provide answers but to help frame the process by which you devise and take ownership of a road map to navigate the way ahead. What do I want to achieve? How do I create a blueprint for attaining this end? How do I know I am making progress on my journey? What personal strengths can I bring to this task; what personal weaknesses might block my path? What should it feel like when I have arrived at my chosen destination?

In 2015 Dr Bellini was awarded the Professional Certificate in Coaching [with Merit] by Henley Business School / University of Reading. The programme involves a series of tutored sessions by a faculty of respected business psychologists, hands-on practical coaching workshops and a written dissertation and is accredited by the International Coach Federation, Association for Coaching and the European Mentoring & Coaching Council.

The Bullshit Factor
As a noted futurist, business analyst and long-time television broadcaster on business matters and a regular choice as keynote speaker at senior executive conferences around the world, Dr Bellini brings a wealth of knowledge to his coaching role.

His book The Bullshit Factor: The Truth about Corporate Disguises, Lies and Denial, co-written with Oxford-trained psychologist Kati St Clair, explores the psychological dimensions of dysfunctional executive behaviour and draws on some twenty case studies from around the corporate world.

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